FATEKS, giving great importance to the society and environment, takes action in social responsibilities very seriously. In this regard, we recognize the need for a recycling based society and we collect waste papers to be recycled by licensed companies. In such an effort, we also support certified organic cotton textile products with “EARTHWORKS” project.

We are also a partner of the project of MNG Cargo to collect used cargo polybags to build a school. MNG aims to build schools by the revenue of the recycled cargo bags. Until now MNG has placed the carton boxes to collect cargo bags in 20.000 different places. After being filled, these carton boxes will be sent to certified firms for recycling of the cargo bags and then the revenue will be used for building schools. MNG intends to collect most of the cargo bags in the country to be able build 2 schools each month. Thus, MNG provides the carton boxes to all the firms who want to be part of the project.

Since FATEKS is committed to have a contribution on the life of the society, it has maintained Corporate Social Responsibility as one of its basic initiatives. In this aim, FATEKS requested for a carton box of MNG to be placed in FATEKS and just became a part of the “RECYCLING OF THE CARGO BAGS” project.