Fateks | About

FATEKS, established by Vecih FAKIOGLU in 1984 by the name VEFA, is an innovative fabric and garment enterprise with its 15.000.000 € annual sales competence and 3.000.000 € annual import capacity serving 400 customers, 220 of them being active, all around the world.

With its well organized, well-trained and skilled middle management, FATEKS started export activities in 2005. Total export sales are approximately 2 million € per year.
FATEKS, known as the Regional Supplier of ISKO in Aegean Region, has a wide range of import partners in woven fabrics from Pakistan, India, Taiwan, China, Syria and Indonesia. On the other hand, it has an expanding export capacity to Holland, UK, Germany, Poland, Tunisia and Morocco.

Customers abroad are well-known brand names like M&S Mode, Bell Rain, Carbone. With its improving dominance in export oriented garment manufacturers of Zara, H&M, and Mexx and with its progressive importance in Turkish local markets, FATEKS has been a well-known supplier for fabrics since 1984.